Hot and HumidIf I wasn’t home sick with the flu, I’d be out with my hives adding ventilation rims, screened inner covers, screened bottom boards, slatted racks, dummy boards and whatever else I could think of to help my bees cool off on a day like day — or I should say a summer like the one we’ve had since the first week of June with record-breaking consecutive days of sunshine and above-seasonal temperatures. If I took a look at my country hives today, I’m confident I’d see considerably more bearding than I did back in August 2011 when I took this photo:

I wouldn’t be surprised if the combs are melting inside the hives on a day like today, especially inside the dark green hives that are absorbing the most sunlight. I gotta get me some white paint.

One Response to “Nearly 40°C Humidity (104°F) Means Ventilate Those Hives. Now.”

  1. Emily says:

    Get well soon, how tiresome to have flu when there are so many bee jobs to be done.

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