Beekeeping Hiatus

I won’t have much to say about our adventures in beekeeping for the next couples months. What’s there to talk about? The bees are hunkered down in their hives at least until the new year. I may add a few photos to the Hives in Snow post to document the Newfoundland weather our hives have to contend with over the winter (though we usually don’t get any heavy snow until after the new year). I might write a review of a few beekeeping books if I have the time. Other than that, I don’t anticipate a great deal of beekeeping posts showing up on Mud Songs until February 2011.

On the left: July 18th, 2010. Our first hive started from a nuc box. On the right: November 23rd, 2010. Our second hive, with two deeps full of honey, wrapped for the winter.

I’ll probably feed the bees some pollen paddies near the end of February — if the bees aren’t dead. I will very likely feed both colonies some sugar syrup sometime in March to get the queen laying for spring. I’ll stop feeding them in April. We plan to start up another two hives from nucs next year, so when the weather warms up, I’ll start pounding together the frames and the supers for those hives.

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