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  1. Emily Heath
    November 13, 2011

    Love the soundtrack! I’ve never seen one bee undertaking two before. They’re strong little madams.

    • Phillip
      November 13, 2011

      I don’t know what was going on. One of the dead bees seemed attached to the other dead bee by its stinger.

      Our foundationless hive still has plenty of drone bees buzzing in and out of the bottom entrance:


      Most of the drones got evicted a while back, but it seems one final batch of drones hatched afterwards.

  2. scott pringle
    November 20, 2011

    Too funny,
    I haven’t watched any Monty Python in years. We just had our first good frost this past week. It snowed prior to that but it melted in like 15 mins. (ground is still pretty warm). Great job on the videos.

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