Uuuuuuuuh. I have a serious case of beekeeping burnout. One of our hives swarmed about seven weeks ago; one of our neighbours had a bad experience with our bees; we subsequently trucked our hives out to a farm thirty minutes outside the city; we’ve had to borrow a vehicle once a week to attend to the bees for the past four weekends; we caught a swarm out on the farm (okay, that wasn’t too bad); we’ve had to take swarm prevention measures with monster hives growing out of control every weekend for the past month (okay, that was pretty bad); and yesterday we had to requeen a hive and tear down some monster hives to make splits. Uuuuuuuh. This is my favourite photo from yesterday because it accurately captures my state of mind:

Yesterday wasn’t horrible, but it was a long, long day. I am so tired.

We have to check out the bees next weekend and they better damn well be great. We plan to load them up with more honey supers and leave them alone for two weeks after that while the honey flows are shifting into high gear, and then we’ll come back from our vacation from the bees and steal their honey. And don’t anyone try to tell me, “You shouldn’t leave the hives alone during a honey flow because the queens could get honeybound…” — blah, blah blah. I don’t want to hear it.

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  1. Tonia Moxley says:

    I totally understand. I think it’s like gardening — nice to think about in the depths of winter and a killer in the summer when everything is going gangbusters.

    I requeened two hives last weekend. Now I can only find one of them. I’m afeared they’ve killed the other one, which will make more problems.

    Plus, I’ve got some worker cells torn open, and I’ve found a couple of wax moth worms crawling around.

    It just never stops. Luckily for us, though, we’re in the summer dearth here. Our next flow is normally in September. I plan to leave them alone until then, after I check again for a queen in the troublesome hive.

    Enjoy the break.

  2. AnDee says:

    Are your hives in CBS?

    I am offering myself as a volunteer if you need a ride or a hand…I’m in downtown St. John’s…I am totally fascinated with Bee Keeping and would love the photo opportunities…Not afraid of being stung! :D

    Please email if you ever need a ride on the weekend. I would be happy to help out!

    • Phillip says:

      Hi Andrea,

      CBS is on the radar for next year because it’ll be faster and therefore more convenient for us to get there, with or without our own car; on average, it’s 5°C warmer in CBS than the St. John’s area; and I have relatives willing to let us set up hives on their farm in CBS. For the time being, though, our bees are in St. Philip’s and are doing great out there.

      We don’t need any help just yet, but we’ll keep your offer in mind. We could very well need assistance at some point. Thanks.

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