4 thoughts on “Cheapest Beekeeping Start-up Costs in NL

  1. I had to place an order with Beemaid today and while I was at it, I added up how much we’ve spent on beekeeping supplies since we got into beekeeping last year. $2229.65. That doesn’t included the $800 for our 4 nucs. I admit we bought more honey supers than we’ll need and some other supplies that I expect we’ll eventually make use of down the road, but still… Beekeeping in Newfoundland isn’t exactly cheap, especially for the starving artist types like myself.

    Whatever honey we harvest this year — and it probably won’t be much considering the ill-advised foundationless route we took with our hives — it’s going to be fun to calculate how much money went into producing the honey.

    Let’s be optimistic and say we get 40 pounds of honey from our two hives this summer, and let’s be conservative and say we’ve spent $3000 on beekeeping this past year (and let’s not include all the hours that went into it either). If we were to sell that 40 pounds of honey for the sole purpose of breaking even, we’d have to charge $75 a pound.

    Yeah. It’s better not to think about the money.

  2. I imagine the supplies you have bought will last longer than year. Did you really expect a return on investment in only a year?

    • No, I don’t expect a return on our investment this year. We’re not in this for the money. I just want to give novice beekeepers in NL an idea of how much it can cost to get things started.

  3. P.S. on my comment: I say it all with good humour. It’s absurd to consider how much we’d have to charge for honey to make our money back in one year.

    We’ll keep some honey for ourselves, but we plan to give most of it away.

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