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  1. Gary
    September 13, 2011

    Wow very cool saw this on Twitter, we make similar boards down in new Zealand. Will post some pics on my blog, when I get them finished.

    See ya…Gary

  2. Zoe
    September 14, 2011

    Well done, Phillip. I’ve found I can just wait until you figure out how to make the equipment and then follow your lead. Very helpful.

    • Phillip
      September 15, 2011

      I may not be the best lead to follow. More technical minded folks could probably come up with a better design, but my skills, budget and resources are limited, so I have to think creatively within the “fast, cheap and simple” paradigm.

      Some changes I might make to the design before I use the bottom board next year: 1) Replace the mosquito screen with 1/8-inch mesh — if I can find it anywhere around here. We don’t really need it in Newfoundland because we don’t have mites, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt. 2) Trim the wings off the base. I can imagine water collecting down there. I made the plywood base wider than the brood box thinking it might provide more support, but that probably doesn’t matter.

      I suppose a smarter way to make a screened bottom board would be to make a frame from four pieces of wood and then tack on the screen somehow. But that’s beyond my carpentry abilities. I don’t have the tools or a workshop for anything too sophisticated. I don’t have the mentality for it either. Too many beekeeping solutions seem to make simple things complicated. I don’t like going there.

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