I set up our camera close a hive entrance a couple days ago with the intention of playing back the video and counting how many bees entered and exited the hive in 60 seconds. Futility is the word for that. But here’s some of the footage I used, some of it in slow-motion and cropped in close (so it’s not the highest resolution). It’s just a video test, only for purists.

I’m trying to find a file type that doesn’t produce the ghostly after-image of the bees flying. It may look kind of cool, but it looks better in the original HD without the after-image. If anyone has any tips on how to encode a video file for upload so it doesn’t do that, I’m listening. Thanks.

6 Responses to “Counting Bees”

  1. Emily Heath says:

    Man they’re going crazy! Yeah, good luck with counting those.

  2. Jeff says:

    By all accounts Phil if we can get some decent weather later in the summer like last summer I think we will do ok with a honey bounty this year. The girls are off to a roaring start this spring. To the point I am a little scared. I think you will get a fright when you do your first inspection.

    • Phillip says:

      I want to see a lot better weather this year than last year. Last year was nearly a complete write off. June was a waste of time (maybe 3 days of sunshine; the rest of it rain), and July and the beginning of August wasn’t much better. From what I’ve heard from local farmers, at least for this part of the island, last summer was the worst summer in about 25 years.

      I’m not looking for good weather later in the summer. I want it now and for the rest of the summer. Another summer like last summer and half the population of St. John’s will go into a deep depression, and then rage. Last summer was a wasteland.

      I would love to see my bees do well this year. All they did was struggle last year. If the population explodes, I’ll be ready for them.

  3. Jay Floyd says:

    My hives are exploding. At the top of the day when it’s warm and they are bringing in nectar and honey, I would hate to think I had to count bees coming and going. Just do a plus or minus 10,000 in 60 seconds. I really think this is going to be a good year for us. It’s been cool and the bloom has been slow and steady and we just had another pollen explosion. The girls are going NUTS!! I love it!!

  4. Jeff says:

    Where does Jay live. I am curious to the location.

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