Maybe they’ve been around for a while. Maybe not. But we saw our first dandelion of 2012 today:

Two seconds later:

So I mosey on over to the hives and lo and behold, bees bringing in yellow pollen:

One more time:

The bees are almost tame at this of the year:

19 Responses to “Honey Bee Friendly Flower: Dandelions”

  1. Emily Heath says:

    Great photos! Congratulations on seeing your first dandelion.

  2. lynn says:

    I thought mine were tame too this time of year and got cocky around the hive and ended up having my first bee sting since having bees for 3 years. I guess they told me who was boss lol. love the photos!

  3. Phillip says:

    I’ve lost track how many times I’ve been stung (already several times this year). I’m a sting magnet.

  4. Jeff says:

    Yeah, I had one just below the eye at the base of the eye socket this year.

    Smartened me up pretty quick…

  5. steve says:

    Nice pics Phillip. Glad to hear that your weather has started to warm up and the bees are well. A quick mention about being stung, you should think about getting an epipen for emergency situations. Like you and many others I have been stung without any problems until last week when stung in the face I went into anaphylactic shock. Scary time but back to normal and much more cautious around the hives.

  6. Phillip says:

    “…stung in the face I went into anaphylactic shock.”

    Really? Damn.

    How much does an epipen cost?

    The worst sting I’ve had was the first one this year. Stung on the wrist. My hand swelled up for a few days.

    • Gretchen says:

      Those facial stings are the worst, I think. I never had a reaction to bee stings, until I got stung on the face and neck at the same time. I developed hives, had some lab work that showed me to be allergic. Other beekeepers that I know that have had reactions have had them develop after a facial sting. With my medical insurance, an epi-pen costs $100 and comes in a 2 pack. Expires after a year. I hope I “waste” that $100 each year.

      Here in the Cascade foothills in Washington state, we’ve only had dandelions since the 1st of May. Love ’em!

  7. Jeff says:

    Good to know the Epi pen is only good for a year. I’ll have to get a new batch.

    • Phillip says:

      I may have to do without the Epi pen. This beekeeping racket is sucking up all my money.

    • Gretchen says:

      Double check your expiration date before you get a new one. My pharmacy said they were only good for a year, but maybe it was just their batch??? That would be a nice surprise.

  8. lynn says:

    most medical plans ( like blue cross)cover the cost of these. I only have to pay dispensing fees. I am sure NFLD is similar to NS

  9. Phillip says:

    Can I get the Epi Pen directly from the pharmacist or do I need to see my GP for a prescription?

  10. Jeff says:

    Need prescription gtom a GP. That being said I did get one from my GP for two epi pens. One for the truck and one for in the house.

    Better safe than sorry.

  11. Phillip says:

    2013 dandelions haven’t arrived yet, but I did see the bees in my one city hive bringing in pollen today.

    I gave the hive some raw sugar sometime in February, I think it was, and a few weeks ago they got some pollen patties. But I’ll be careful not to give them too much.

    I need to keep the city hive under control as much as possible. Feeding them too much sugar syrup and pollen is a great way to lose control.

  12. Jeff says:

    If you need to dispose of a frame or two to keep them under control I can help you with that. Considering the losses this year.

    Just joking.

  13. Phillip says:

    No clue how my country hives are doing, but my single city hive was booming today. Plenty of bees coming and going, bringing in pollen of every colour, yellow, purple, green… Bees landing of my hands and arms, loaded down heavy with pollen. I like these moments more than any of the so-called beekeeping I have to do.

    I also so the year’s dandelions growing through a crack in the sidewalk in front of my house.

  14. Phillip says:

    I got this as a Gmail reminder today:

    “Stop feeding pollen patties soon. Too much burr comb under inner covers in 2012. Dandelions should be enough for now.”

    Again, most of my beekeeping Gmail reminders are not accurate for the weather we’re getting around St. John’s this year. I’ve been feeding my bees loads of honey and pollen to keep them alive this spring. Two days ago my hives were buried in snow again, so yeah, I’m giving them a little extra help this year.

    I’m feeding them honey and pollen in frames taken from colonies that died over the past eight months, but if I didn’t have that, I’d be using sugar syrup and pollen patties.

    As for dandelions, nope, I haven’t seen many so far this year.

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