Today, just for fun, I stuck the camera underneath our foundationless hive while it temporarily had only a screened bottom board. We’re concerned about our foundationless hive because we don’t see nearly as many bees coming and going from it as we do from our other three hives. Perhaps the two-year-old queen is failing. Perhaps it’s normal behaviour for a foundationless hive. Whatever the case may be, our foundationless hive will be the first hive we inspect once we have a good day for it. Here’s what the camera saw (it’s a 51-second video):

2 Responses to “Hive Cam”

  1. Mil says:

    That is cool! I want to try that with my hives as I have a screened bottom board too. How did you get your camera to do that diagonal motion? Or did you do that manually? It was so smooth.

    • Phillip says:

      The camera movement was faked (I would have made it smoother, too, but I was in a rush). I used a Pan & Scan feature in my video editor to do it.

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