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  1. Phillip
    October 12, 2010

    I’m home sick today. But I was able to go out back and check on the bees. Hive #1, the possibly queenless hive, seems active again. Might have something to do with the newly installed top hive feeder. Not as active as Hive #2, which has been more active since September than it was all summer, but certainly not dead. I shot some photos and video. I’ll try to post them if I can muster it.

    I hope to build my insulated inner covers sometime this week.

    I don’t really know what felt is, but I think I found a big roll of what looks like felty material in my shed. I’ll post a photo of that too, and maybe someone can tell me if it is indeed felt. I’m clueless about construction material. If I do have felt, than I have enough to wrap 10 hives up for winter if had to.

  2. Jeff
    October 12, 2010

    Felt is bacically black tar paper. Like they use to use on houses before tyvac or typar. Used it to keep liquid mositure off the wood surface.

    • Phillip
      October 12, 2010

      Yeah, I think I have a ton of it then.

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