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  1. Tonia Moxley
    June 26, 2012

    Wow, you got a picture of eggs! I’ve not been able to see eggs in my own hive yet. What a coup. I do like having someone take photos of the comb as I inspect. I see so much in the photos that I miss while I’m in the hive.

    • Phillip
      June 26, 2012

      It’s just luck that these photos turned out okay — that any of our photos turn out half decent. Try taking a photos with a black veil over your face (vision obscured), in bright sunlight (difficult to see anything in camera’s LCD screen) while wearing goat skin gloves (can’t feel any buttons or dials on the camera.

      I need to hire a camera operator.

  2. Emily Heath
    June 27, 2012

    Really nice clear photos. I enjoy it when other people take photos for me and I can get on with the beekeeping.

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