We made our second batch (or maybe it’s our third batch) of cut comb yesterday. It’s the last of the foundationless honey comb for this year. Our cut comb is messy and wouldn’t win any awards at the county fair — which is just the way we like it. That’s called keepin’ it real. Our method of making cut comb is simple: 1) Cut the comb from the medium sized frame. 2) Chop the comb into 18 little gooeily delicious squares. 3) Put the little squares of cut honey comb into little plastic containers. 4) That’s it. We also freeze the honey for 24 hours, but that’s something else. At any rate, it’s not the most exciting video, and it doesn’t hold a candle to my last video, Eating Raw Honey Comb, which, by the way, is the best darn tootin’ video I’ve ever posted, but here it is:

We also cut and strained a little over three frames of foundationless honey comb yesterday. I’ll post that video after we’ve bottled the honey.

3 Responses to “Making Sloppy Cut Comb”

  1. Phillip says:

    Part two of this video shows us bottling the honey. I’ll have that video up as soon as I can.

    I’m extracting our last 8 frames today. I might post a video and photos for that too.

    • Rhett says:

      Did you use foundation or was this frame foundationless? Looks great! Also, where did you get the plastic containers with lids? Is the container a pretty tight seal, or can it leak if tilted on it’s side? Thanks for posting!

      • Phillip says:

        I used foundationless frames. I suppose you could use wax foundation, though.

        I got the plastic containers from a wholesale grocery store called Atlantic Wholesalers. Those particular containers don’t provide the greatest seal. I only used them once. I’ve since switched to larger air-tight plastic containers.

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