I keep hearing from beekeepers online about their bees bringing in pollen. None of those beekeepers live in Newfoundland. We didn’t see our bees bring in any pollen until April 13th last year, so we probably have a while to wait yet. The most exciting thing I can report is that our bees were flying around the yard today like gang busters. At 12°C (possibly the warmest day we’ve had this year), how could they resist?

At least we don’t have varroa mites in Newfoundland.

3 Responses to “Not Quite There Just Yet”

  1. Bruce says:

    Vancouver has been between 3-5 degrees Celsius cooler than normal for the last month and as a result the blossoms are late. Yesterday it was 7 C (the warmest day in awhile) and it seemed that all the girls came out and there was some pollen collection. The forsythia, heather and some of the bulbs are blooming. I got two packages of bees from New Zealand last week and the foreigners are not liking this cool Canadian weather.

  2. Don John says:

    First, No Varroa in Newfoundland??? really???

    Also today, I saw the ladies bringing in pollen for the first time this year. We’re in Western Montana, it got up to 60 F today! That’s warm for this time of year.

    My bees are doing great, all three hives. And thanks for how-to on Mountain Camp feeding. Did it with my girls and they seemed to have enjoyed the sugar.

    Don John

    • Phillip says:

      True. No Varroa in Newfoundland. Last I heard, NL is the only place left on the planet that hasn’t had or doesn’t have mites. Now if we only had more beekeepers.

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