First we cut the honey comb, second we crushed and strained it, and third we bottled it:

Nothing fancy about any of this. The honey still has plenty of little wax bits floating around, but we don’t care. We sterilized the small Mason jars and poured the honey in. No heating, no freezing, nothing. This honey is just for us.

iPad and other non-Flash devices can view slideshow photos here: Our Honey (2011).

I’ll be adding more photos to the the honey photo album as we continue to harvest more honey. We didn’t have the greatest lighting conditions when we took these photos today. The honey will look better when the sun comes out.

P.S., The honey from these first four bottles came from Hive #2, our foundationless hive.

UPDATE (Sept. 08/11): We made more exact measurements with our next four bottles. Each bottle holds approximately 250ml of honey, about half a pint. The weight measurements come to 340g, about 12oz, 3/4 of a pound of honey per bottle. We got 4.5 bottles from our second foundationless frame of honey, which is 3.4 pounds, a little over 1.5kg. With 27 more frames to go, if we’re lucky, we’ll get 40kg of honey from our hives this year, or about 90 pounds. We’re more than happy with that seeing how it’s about 90 pounds more than we expected to get this year.

UPDATE (Sept. 23/11): We managed to pull maybe two more frames from Hive #2, the foundationless hive, maybe three frames. I forgot to take note of the exact number. Either way, for the whole year, we got at most 4 frames of honey from the foundationless hive. Probably only three frames. Not so great, but better than nothing.

One Response to “Our First 4 Bottles of Honey”

  1. Phillip says:

    I think we pulled two more frames from Hive #2, the foundationless hive. I can’t remember if it was two or three. Probably two.

    The honey super still have five frames left inside, but they’re not getting capped and the weather isn’t getting warming. So I’m pulling off the honey super tomorrow.

    I’m not sure what I’ll do with the uncapped honey.

    At any rate, the grand total from the foundationless hive is 3 medium frames of honey for the year. That’s not impressive but it’s better than nothing, which is what I was led to expect.

    I sure hope this foundationless hive does better next year.

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