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Miscellaneous Beekeeping Pics — Pretty much everything shows up here, from our first day of beekeeping up until now. The photos are arranged from newest to oldest. Once in a while I’ll create a photo album for something specific, but the vast majority of our beekeeping photos are uploaded to this album. (The slide show might take a few seconds to load.)

An alphabetical listing of the rest of our Picasa beekeeping photo albums (updated February 2013):

Active Spring Hive (2011)
Adding a Brood Chamber (2010)
Adding Pollen Patties (2011)
Beekeeping 2010
Beekeeping 2011

Bees and Pollen (2011-)
Bees in Flight (2010)
Bees in the Dark (2011)
Building Bee Hive #1 (2010)
Building Honey Comb Frames (2010)
Combo Bottom Board (2011)
Dead Bees (Drone Pupae) (2010)
Dead Winter Bees (2011-)
DIY Extractor (Mark I) (2012)
Drinking Bees (2012)
Epi Pen (2012)
Extracting Honey (2011-)

First Honey of 2012 (2012)
First Spring Pollen (2011)
First Taste of Honey (2010)
Hives in Snow (2010-)
Hives on Farm (2012)
Hives on Ice (2012)
Honey (2010-)
Honey Bee Paradise (2010)
Installing Honey Bees (Nucs) (2010)
Insulated Inner Hive Covers (2011)
Making Candy Cakes (2011)
Making Dummy Boards (2011)
Making Patented Ventilator Rim (2011)

Our Honey (2011)
Painting Hive #1 (2010)
Phillip with Bees (First Time with Bees) (2010)
Science Fiction Honey Comb (2011)
Spring Bees in Flight (2011)

All images © by Phillip and Jenny, unless otherwise noted. It’s doesn’t hurt to ask first before reposting one of our photos. Thanks.

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