It was 8°C in the backyard today. I thought it was time to remove the mouse-proof winter entrance reducers to see how many dead bees have been piling up inside the hives over the winter. Here’s the answer:

I took that photo 10 minutes ago, and it’s only a small taste. Here’s a slideshow that displays the whole gruesome mess:

You can see mould growing on many of the bees along with pieces of wax and other junk. I know the dead bees accumulate over the winter, but this is my first time seeing it. It ain’t pretty.

3 Responses to “Piled Up Dead Winter Bees”

  1. Phillip says:

    I scraped out more dead bees from inside the hives this morning, probably another 100 or so from each hive, as many as I could reach with my long hive tool. I wanted to make sure the bottom entrances weren’t blocked in case the bees ever decide to make their way down again like they did on March 8th:

  2. Jeff says:

    Mine were using the bottom entrance yesterday. totally caught me off guard.

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