I may bring Mud Songs back to life earlier than I anticipated. Even though I haven’t found my house in the country yet, I’ve managed to set up a single hive in the city close to where I live and I’ve been able to hang out with those bees pretty much all the time (when I’m not at work). It’s a calm, small colony that I’m building up from a nuc — and it’s pretty damn great. I like the taste of honey, but I enjoy watching the bees build up a colony more. That’s what I’m doing and I’m doing it every day. It’s only with a single colony, but I’m loving it.

All my other colonies are still out on a country property where I hardly ever see them except for when I need to check on them. They’re doing well, and I’m glad, but they’re more work than pleasure, because, like I said before, if I can’t be around the bees all the time, what’s the point? I’ll get honey from those bees, but that’s it.

Being around bees all the time, my fascination is beginning to boil up again. I sit and watch them fly around all day long. I poke my nose in the hive and mess about with them probably more than I should. But too bad. They’ll live.

It’s essential that these bees aren’t noticed by nosey neighbours. Thankfully, I have an abundance of drawn comb and frames of honey that will make it much easier for me to keep the population of the colony under control. Without getting into too long an explanation, I’ll pull out frames of brood (thousands of baby bees not yet born) and replace them with empty drawn comb on a regular basis, so the queen will always have room lay and the colony will never get crowded to the point of swarming (I hope). If the bees in any way bother any of the grumpy humans around here, the jig is up.

I can’t make any promises just yet. The Mud Songs server has become ultra-slow recently, so that’ll need to be fixed first. And if I do start posting videos, photos and so on again, it may not be as frequent as before. But yeah, I’m thinking about it…

See The End for more info.

6 Responses to “Resurrecting Mud Songs, Maybe”

  1. Lynn Hefler says:

    I really missed your post and I am glad you have some girls to look at daily. I am the same way My relaxation is sitting after work down by the bees just watching them come and go. My special me time two out of three dogs (one does not like bees)just sitting quietly seeing who is bringing in pollen.

  2. Julie says:

    I’m so glad that you have a hive and may resurrect your blog! I’ve missed your posts!

  3. Irene in BC says:

    HOORAY!! I am so happy to see your passion for bee keeping is being reignited again! Was a nice surprise to see your post! like I said before as a Canadian with similar bee keeping conditions your posts have helped me learn so much. I am happy to say I have been a beekeeper now for 7 weeks and have 8 happily settled Nucs :) I look forword to seeing more of your posts!

  4. Jay Silver says:

    If the nuc doesn’t work, how about an indoor observation hive? Your posts, videos, photographs, and insights are a highlight. I hope things work out well!

    • Phillip says:

      I’ve considered making an observation hive, but have decided not to put any more of my resources (money) into beekeeping until I have a better set up. I’d be all over an observation hive, though.

  5. Phillip says:

    I plan to start posting photos and videos again, by July 2014, in about two weeks, if not sooner.

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