Honey Bee Friendly Flower: Sea Holly

I didn’t see any honey bees on this flowering plant when I took the photos, but I did see wasps (or yellow jackets), and what’s good for wasps is usually good for honey bees.

I asked around and was informed that it’s Sea Holly, or Eryngium maritimum.

I don’t see much Sea Holly around St. John’s, but I think it’s fair to say it’s a honey bee friendly flower.

P.S.: These photos were uploaded on August 22nd but dated for August 15th to accurately reflect the date the flowers were in bloom.

2 thoughts on “Honey Bee Friendly Flower: Sea Holly

  1. Thats a beautiful Sea Holly! This is a great pollinator plant and your bees will love it when it turns purple. Although you don’t see it in a lot in Nfld, it does really well here. You should check out globe thistle too. Same family and the bees swarm it as well late summer when in bloom.

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