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  1. Phillip
    June 2, 2011

    A quick note on the plastic insert feeder that I’m using to replace the hive top feeders:

    I was smart to wax the smooth underside of the feeder so the bees could wax up the plastic easier, but I should have removed the mesh and waxed the sides of the reservoirs too. I’ve noticed the bees coming up to take a drink, and then slipping on the plastic and falling into the syrup. A bit of wax would give them the footing they need to drink the syrup without falling in.

    I don’t know why manufacturers don’t make simple tweaks like this to their designs. One brush the bottom with wax, brush the top and you’re done. I’ll make the tweak myself the next chance I get.

    Feeders seem to be a real pain.

  2. Phillip
    June 7, 2011

    The insert feeder (or plastic hive top feeder) wasn’t working because the bees couldn’t seem to walk down the plastic to the syrup in the reservoirs. They would fall into the syrup instead. And walking down the screen wasn’t working for them either.

    So I pulled the screen off and waxed every part of the plastic the bees could access. Now they’re taking up the syrup. I don’t see a large number of them going at it, but at least some of them are drinking it up. Nothing but drizzle and fog for the next five days, so they’ll need it.

    The jar feeder in Hive #1 is getting lower now too.

    I’ll take a quick peek over the weekend and see if both hives are begun to build in the foundationless medium supers yet.

  3. Pender
    June 20, 2011

    Yay tetris!

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