Drawn and partially-drawn comb look much prettier on foundationless frames. Here’s what some partially-drawn comb looks like on a frame with black plastic foundation:

Here’s a half-drawn comb on a foundationless frame:

Now don’t tell me that ain’t way prettier.

UPDATE (Nov. 20/10): See the Backwards is The New Forwards video for more info on the benefits of foundationless frames.

3 Responses to “Why I Like Foundationless Frames: Reason #1”

  1. Sam says:

    Its nice to see people from all over trying out the foundation-less approach especially in Eastern Canada, I’m fortunate enough to live a little west of that (eastern Ontario), the people at Backwards beekeepers really have something, I like seeing more individuals keeping bees rather then a few mega farms keeping thousands. I’m using Top Bar Hives but the sentiment is the same, keeping it natural!

    • Phillip says:

      Hey Sam,

      Your comment got filtered out as SPAM for some reason. I’m just reading it now, and it looks like I’m responding to it a big way. Instead of leaving a long comment, I’ll upload my response as a regular post within the next day or two. Thanks.

  2. No doubt about it the foundationless frame sure is pretty! It must smell amazing

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