Crushing and Straining a Small Batch of Honey

I pulled a foundationless frame of honey from one of my honey supers yesterday:

A frame of capped and open honey. (September 3, 2011.)

Then I cut it up:

Cutting out the honey. (September 3, 2011.)

Then I ate some, biting right into the comb, had the biggest sugar rush of my life, and then cut the rest of the comb off the frame. It came to about 4 pounds of comb honey (1.8kg).
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The D.E. Hive

I’m writing this post (or rewriting it from scratch in February 2019) for anyone who wants to know what the D.E. Hive is all about, or at least wants to know what I know about the D.E. Hive. It doesn’t seem to be too far off from the hive design I settled on myself.

One of my hives wrapped up for winter, not that different from the D.E. Hive.

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