A Guide to Beekeeping in Newfoundland

    Mud Songs, the most reknowned and aptly-named beekeeping blog in Newfoundland, is closed until further notice (though I still post on Twitter). However, the Mud Songs Greatest Hits collection is available now while supplies last in the form of a How-To guide that I’ve revised and built upon over the years. As my coupe de gra, I offer it up in all its glory in this final post, all the gobsmacking wisdom and the many mistakes I’ve made since I began beekeeping since 2010. I believe the best teachers constantly make mistakes and answer, “I don’t know,” to most questions. My apologies in advance if I ever sound like I know what I’m talking about. My YouTube beekeeping videos aren’t such a bad classroom either. See ya!

Here’s a list of informal articles posted to the mighty Mud Songs blog that might be helpful for anyone on the island of Newfoundland (or in a similar climate) interested in starting up a few honey bee colonies for the pleasure of it. While some of these posts could be updated with better information, I’m confident most of the information is reliable. Strategies for maximizing production and profit will not be found here. These are some things that have worked for me as a hobbyist beekeeper since 2010. That’s all.

Check out my Practical Tips and Stuff That’s Good To Know for other how-to items that I may have forgotten to add to this page. Also, photos for many of the older articles were deleted during a technical glitch a while back and I haven’t had time to search for and re-upload all the original photos. I’m not sure you could pay enough to do that anyway. But I’ll try to fix them as soon as I can.

Beekeeping Books For Beginners — I got into what might be called my beekeeping studies about year before I bought my first hive. I found most of my learning resources online through websites like Honey Bee Suite, Michael Bush, Bee Culture, Beesource and especially David Burns. YouTube videos were extremely helpful as well. A tonne of good (and bad) beekeeping books are also available. In this post I talk about all the ones that happened to have been useful for me.

Beekeeping Start-Up Costs in Newfoundland (as of 2016) — A list of everything most new beekeepers in Newfoundland might need to get through their first year of beekeeping. These days, most beekeepers in Newfoundland are better off getting all their stuff from G & M Family Farm. Online beekeeping lessons from David Burns aren’t a bad idea either.
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