Behind The Scenes Beekeeping: July 2017

This collection of cell phone clips from July 2017, when I had only one hive, is a little over 30 minutes long. It’s the latest instalment of the scintillating Cell Phone Chronicles. I’m not sure who the audience is for a video like this, but unboxing videos are a thing, so I guess there’s an audience for everything.

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Honey Bee Friendly Flower: Yellow Rocket (Wild Mustard)

I still think the best way to “save the bees” is not to bother with packs of wild flower seeds. Just take a pile of dirt, leave it alone and let whatever wants to grow in it grow in it. The flowering plants — like wild mustard — that grow in exposed soil are usually more attractive to honey bees and native pollinators than anything I’ve seen come out of seed packets.

I’ve spotted honey bees on this yellow weed that has 10 billion names including wild mustard and Yellow Rocket.
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