567 Days of Beekeeping

Here are four and a half minutes of photos from our first 567 days of beekeeping. It’s not a “best of” collection, but it’s the best I could put together in 20 minutes (there are more photos of bees than beekeeping per se). It should look half-decent played back in full screen at the highest resolution. Recommended only for purists. There’s no music, but I originally had some Geoffrey Oryema on the soundtrack and it was good. You’ve probably never heard of Geoffrey Oryema, but he tends to make quiet night music with lots of echo. Or maybe Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass is more your thing. Whatever floats your boat.

4 thoughts on “567 Days of Beekeeping

  1. Phil,

    Are you seeing any bees out in the snow these days. I’d say every day when I go out there are 30 – 50 new dead bees in the snow. I think the nice sunny days are drawing some out and they do not intially realize how cold it is. If I look in through the top entrance there are still lots of bee huddling together though.

  2. I don’t see many bees huddled over the top bars these days. They could be clustered down below. The only exception is the foundationless hive. I can see them up top eating away at the sugar.

    I see the same 30 – 50 dead bees in the snow as well. Any time after a snow storm when it’s bright outside and hovering around freezing. But they’ll all coming from the foundationless hive.

    I barely see any sign of bees from other three hives. I assume they’re huddled under the four pounds of sugar I poured over the top bars on Dec. 31. The sugar could be acting like a top cover and holding the heat down. I hope so anyway.

    I plan to take quick peek the next time we have a warm day.

  3. These are gorgeous photos. And your bees are just beautiful. Love the up close pic of the very fuzzy, yellow bee. Watching this makes me even more excited about starting my three hives in April and May here in Virginia. Best of luck overwintering.

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