A Busy Beehive (Video)

I checked out the bees while I was home for lunch today. The sun was shining and it was 19 degrees Celsius in the backyard. I’ve never seen so many bees outside Hive #1. I could smell the honey, or the pheromones from the bees, from a distance. I could hear them from a distance too. Here’s a quick video:

2 thoughts on “A Busy Beehive (Video)

  1. Hi Philip

    They could be baby bees orientating themselves, they tend to do this so they know their way home ! Lovely blog, I`m enjoying reading about your `bee` adventures !

  2. I know, it’s mostly just baby bees orientating themselves to the hive. I’ve learned to recognize that now. All the baby bees hovering around the entrance. Then they usually drop all of a sudden and take a while to get up. But I’ve never seen so many before. It was impressive.

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