4 thoughts on “A Candy Cake Recipe

  1. I’m cooking it up now. This is crazy. It’s filling my big pot and it’s about as thick as concrete. How long does it take to boil this stuff down? Melting 15 pounds of sugar in 3 cups of water. This is nuts.

  2. I was almost done and then I added the apple cider vinegar and within minutes it all crystallized. Everything is grainy again. It’s weird. There’s no way I could pour it the way it is now.

  3. Well, I’m done. I have two things to say: It better work. And I’m never doing this again.

    I can’t imagine doing this for 25 hives. It think I got about a dozen plate-sized cakes out of it — if they harden properly.

    I don’t mind hard work, but it was like mixing concrete.

    Then when I added the apple cider vinegar, it’s like the whole thing lost all its moisture. I had to add some extra water then to bring it back to a liquid state so I could stir it again.

    After that I kept boiling it and stirring until it finally reached the proper temperature — 112-115°C (234-240°F).

    Then I removed it from heat and stirred vigorously until I couldn’t stir it anymore because it was simply too thick, even though the temperature wasn’t as low as it was supposed to be — 93°C (200°F).

    It was extremely thick by this point. It was only partially liquid. I couldn’t pour it. I scooped it out of the pot and mashed it down into the plates with a ladle.

    If I have to feed my bees this early again next year, I’m going to follow the Mountain Camp method instead. Cooking up sugar like this has way too much potential to go wrong — at least when I’m at the wheel.

    It better work and the bees better love it.

  4. Once my cnady reached 225°F I took it off and poured it right on to my board. In 30 seconds in would barely pour. In 5 minutes it was solid. I made one candy cake along with the sugar board, but the candy cake was not added to the hive. I’ll use that later when I open it up in march month.

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