A Cat Hanging Around with Honey Bees

Here’s a short video I grabbed today of one of my cats hanging around with me while I was beekeeping. I like to throw a cat video out whenever I can because I receive regular emails from people asking if honey bees will bother their cats and dogs. Speaking from my experience with cats and what I’ve been told from beekeepers with dogs, my answer is always the same: The cat (or dog) will get stung once and learn to keep a respectful distance from the beehives. The particular cat in this video is a genius. He knows how close he can get to the hives (about 10 feet / 3 metres), but he also knows not to move fast when he’s around the bees. He could be tearing around the yard and immediately slow down once he’s near the hives. He’s a natural beekeeper, calm and relaxed around the bees. The video ends with him tiptoeing closer to the hives.

He was rubbing up against my legs about 10 seconds after I stopped recording. Funny cat.

P.S.: The only exceptions I’m aware of are Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzus. Little yappy dogs like that are automatic targets for honey bees, and who can blame them?