A Mouse Chews Into a Frame of Honey and says, “Oh yeah, that’s it.”

I had some frames of honey stored in a swarm trap in my shed and a mouse found a way in and probably came back night after night and had a feast. Here’s a photo of a frame of honey that’s been partially eaten by the mouse:

mouse-honey-2014-09-29 09.43.33

Here’s the view from the other side of the frame. You can see how the mouse chewed through the plastic foundation and the wood of the frame.

mouse-honey-2014-09-29 09.43

Slivers of wood left behind in the swarm trap:

mouse-2014-09-29 09.44.33

And here’s the swarm trap (without its cover) in case you didn’t know what I was talking about:

swarm-trap-2014-09-29 09.43.04

Now might be a good time for me to mouse-proof my hives (here in eastern Newfoundland).

June 2019 Postscript: I shrew-proof (and by default mouse-proof) my hives with 6mm / quarter inch mesh these days.

2 thoughts on “A Mouse Chews Into a Frame of Honey and says, “Oh yeah, that’s it.”

    • I put the mesh / mouse guards on my hives two weeks ago and I can already see where a mouse has tried to get in one of the hives. I only hope I got the mesh on early enough. I was too late for at least one of my hives last year.

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