A Silent Movie featuring Honey Bees

I took a break from screens over the past two weeks. Social media. The news. Who needs it? Here are some random slow motion shots I took of honey bees and other insects that were attracted to the Fireweed and Malva Moschata that’s been in bloom lately. I’d go into full screen mode for this video at the highest resolution setting to sit back and take in about three and a half minutes of silence.

One of the bees does something kind of gross near the end.

4 thoughts on “A Silent Movie featuring Honey Bees

  1. Hey from Kansas, USA. It gets crazy hot in the summer here and fridgid in January. Thanks for all your documentations. Just a few pages in, and your quip about carrots not growing naturally in a row unless us crazy humans plant them that way and I found someone who thinks like me!
    Studying your videos on quilt boxes and insulated top covers for overwintering. You are correct that most of your info also applied to top bar hives as well. The ladies don’t much care what the outside of their house looks like. I have been backyard beeking for 5 years with top bars and started with 3 more langs this year. I’m gonna try a 2″ shim for dry sugar and a quilt box for my langs. I already have a 2″ chunk of pink board in the covers. 2 are not wind broke as well as I would like so I’m gonna wrap them in black felt as well. Keep my ladies toasty so I can swipe some honey next year.
    Thanks again,

  2. Sorry for the late reply, Frank. I’m sort of in vacation mode here. So you read my bit about carrots, eh? I’m impressed. Most people, especially on their cellphones, don’t really go that deep. Attention spans are pretty dismal in that world. I’m always impressed by anyone who reads closely. But yes, beekeeping is no more natural than having carrots grow in a row. It’s a force of nature that we artificially encourage to develop in a specific way, in a manner that is convenient for us. (To quote myself.)

    I was hoping to start up a top bar hive this year, but things got away from me, as they often do. I’d like to think I wouldn’t have much problems adjusting to it.

    Good luck with the Langs. Again, probably not much different from top bars except you have to dig deeper at times to see what they’re up to.

  3. It was beautiful. I love the way your camera just highlights the delicacy of their wings in black and white . It was a pleasure to enjoy. Thank you for sharing.

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