A Slow Motion Bumble Bee

This is the best looking slow motion video I’ve shot with my cell phone.

I keep hearing about how honey bees love Autumn Joy flowers, but I rarely see a honey bee go anywhere near them. Bumble bees sure like them, though. Here’s some slow-motion footage I shot today, with some moody music to give it that extra umph.

Again, this is not a paid endorsement (though if Samsung wanted to pay me, I’d be more than willing to put some effort into capturing better footage), but for the record, I shot this slow motion video on my Samsung Galaxy s7 smartphone.

November 2019 Postscript: This is still my favourite slow motion video shot on my Samsung cell phone. The slowmo function, unfortunately, became frustratingly buggy after about a year. So instead of spending over $1000 on a new cell phone once a year, I spent about the same amount on a Sony RX-100v camera. It’s not as convenient or easy to use as my cell phone (when beekeeping), but it’s the most impressive compact camera I’ve ever used with many other features besides slomo that can produce professional quality results. Am I looking for a free cell phone from Samsung or a free camera from Sony — that I will use exclusively in my beekeeping videos and gladly promote? You bet I am.

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