A Soft Grand Reopening

I’ve been rewriting, deleting or updating everything I’ve ever posted to this blog since 2010 — and it’s been fun. I would have loved to have found a beekeeping blog like this when I started out. Where did I ever find the time to make all these videos and write about the practical aspects of beekeeping in Newfoundland in such detail? It’s a fabulous resource I’ve inadvertently created. I know I am patting myself on the back here, but I am learning so much now by just going back and re-reading all of my old posts — I’m really enjoying the ride. This is good stuff.

During the first few years of this blog, this place was cooking. I had a regular flow of readers with some fairly well-known beekeepers such as Rusty Burlew (from Honey Bee Suite) and Michael Bush getting in on the discussions in the comments. It was informative, it was fun, and it was kind of adventurous. Those were the halcyon days for beekeeping blogs.

The enlightening aspect of my revisiting everything I wrote is all the rewriting that’s happening. Some of the posts are completely rewritten, all new content, while others have me chiming in with updates here and there, like I’m having a conversation with my younger self. It’s a whole new ballgame. It casts a new light on everything. Pick your metaphor — but it’s working. It feels like I’m writing an entirely new blog from a different perspective, even though technically nothing new is showing up in the feed or wherever people get updates about this blog. So…

If there’s anyone still out there who might be interested in all this stuff, the only way I can think to keep tabs on it is to push whatever happens to be the latest post I’ve rewritten to the home page. For instance, today I completely rewrote a post that is now titled, Mouse-Proofing Mesh Doesn’t Keep Shrews Out. That post will show up at the top of the main page (at least for today anyway) until I plough through another batch of old posts, and then the next latest updated post will show up. If anyone is really dedicated, they can start from my very first post and follow from there like I’ve been doing (and I admit again that I’ve enjoyed that ride). But viewing the latest updated post and then poking around from there might be easier. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, that’s my big idea for today.

The way things are going, I’m not sure I’ll be able to get through everything I’ve posted to this blog by the end of 2019 like I had hoped. But I’m not sure it matters because so much of what I’m rewriting is new content. I’m basically back in business again, but instead of a grand re-opening, it’s one of those soft re-openings. Things are happening but it’s under the radar. Which totally works for me. If I’m talking to myself now and I’m the only one reading this blog, I like that too. Low key is good. Ultra low key is also good.

I’m still shooting videos, taking photos and keeping a record of everything new that happens in my beekeeping world. I’m still learning. Bits and pieces of all that might show up in my Twitter feed, but most of it will eventually show up here. Then I’ll have the real grand re-opening, with a new name for the blog, hot dogs and hamburgers, games for the kids — it’s going to be great.

7 thoughts on “A Soft Grand Reopening

  1. Glad to have you back. I truly enjoyed learning about beekeeping and all the discussions throughout. I’m still at it (beekeeping) and I’m excited about Mudsongs-Deux

  2. Your choice to return and revamp is generous of you. Not an easy task! I, being selfish, is sure glad
    you are back. I enjoy your humour, wit and of course the valuable information you share…take your time, no pressure. ……..Stephen Sandve….”Mudsongs- Deux” , I like it!

  3. Hi Phillip, glad to see you back on line, and that you are feeling better. As a new beekeeper in PEI, I found your blog very informative. I have poked through it a lot over the past two years and found it greatly helped me, like your experience with quilt boxes and no cook sugar bricks. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks John. The quilt boxes and sugar bricks were more or less stolen from Honey Bee Suite, but I’m glad to pass on my take of those helpful inventions.

    I added a “Mud Songs Redux” title card to the video in this post after reading Stephen’s comment. Neither will be the final new name for the blog, though it’s tempting.

  5. I love reading your website, I’ve been checking it out every day for the past week for fun learning.
    Thanks for your love of the bees!

  6. I’m glad you’re back too, missed your catalogue of successes and failures. Your honesty was refreshing! I started beekeeping about the same time as you and like you am still learning. Thanks for all your info, I’ll be looking forward to new posts. Thanks.

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