A Visit With a Single-Hive Beekeeper

Here’s a 27-minute visit with me and my one beehive for September 2017. This is more of my behind-the-scenes beekeeping series, if we can call it that. It’s an excuse for me to post talky footage that I normally wouldn’t use because there’s more to listen to then there is to see.

I won’t review every minute of the video. But here are some highlights, I suppose:

01:26 — Some infrared footage.
05:30 — A minor hive inspection, checking if the bees are making honey.
15:15 — Some wasps making me run. (Whenever you hear a dog bark, that’s me bleeping out some colourful language.)
18:00 — Using a wasp trap to catch some bothersome wasps.
21:40Crushing and straining some honey.
25:30 — Using an empty moisture quilt for ventilation.

These behind-the-scenes videos are a great example of how boring or intriguing it is to hang out with honey bees. This is more or less what beekeeping looks like most of the time.

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