I have kept honey bees on the Isle of Newfoundland in and around the town of St. John’s since 2010. I use this simple blog — no longer active — to record all of my beekeeping successes and failures so that maybe it can become a space that allows new beekeepers to discover their own intuitive intelligence for beekeeping, a place where getting it wrong is the first step to getting it right. Or not.

This blog is written and illustrated with photos and videos intended for hobbyist or easy going backyard beekeepers like myself, not commercial beekeepers who often require a more systematic approach to beekeeping. New or prospective beekeepers in Newfoundland might appreciate my Guide To Beekeeping in Newfoundland, a collection of practical beekeeping tasks I’ve learned over the years that actually seem to work.

My social media feeds are: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Mastodon — all of which are still active.