Another Day in the Life of a Beekeeper

This is what it’s like, again, to tag along with me while I’m beekeeping for about 28 minutes.

Parts of the video with the parts where I’m actually inside a hive or where there’s something to see highlighted in italics:

01:12Secret location beeyard.
01:40Burr comb everywhere.
02:15 — Honey above escape board.
02:45 — Crack in defective super.
03:25Scraped away burr comb.
04:25 — Leaving honey for the bees.
05:00 — Advantages of syrup feeding.
05:20 — Honey as insulation.
06:35 — Summary.
07:00Wet drawn comb.
07:30 — Too many beekeepers?
08:05 — Survey of fireweed.
08:30 — Fireweed seeds floating away.
08:50 — Review of Flatrock beeyard.
10:10 — Plans for escape boards.
10:36 — Floating fireweed seed.
11:18Pulling top off hive.
11:50Cracking off inner cover.
12:10Pulling and inspecting honey frames.
12:25Cross comb.
13:00Talking through inspection.
13:20Good shots of capped honey.
14:35Lifting honey box.
15:05 — Review of honey harvest with escape board.
16:00Digging into another hive.
16:30What honeyless frames look like from the top.
17:20 — Disappointing beehives in Flatrock.
17:55 — Hard to find queens in NL when I need one.
18:12 — Old queens in cold weather aren’t great.
19:30 — Goals for next year: Make my own queens and put on pollen traps.
20:05Digging into a third hive in Flatrock.
20:40Replacing empty frames with drawn comb.
21:00Close inspection of comb with explanations.
24:00Tilting up box.
24:30Checking frames in lower box.
25:50Drone comb.
26:40Scraping off burr comb.
27:00Rebuilding the hive.
27:40This is a strong colony.
28:00Examination of pulled frames.
28:20Shaking bees off frame.
28:40Bees marching back into the hive.

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