Architecture of Honey Comb

Here’s a quick video of the drone comb I pulled one of my hives yesterday with some commentary about the architecture of the comb. I point out the drone eggs too.

I call this post “Architecture of Honey Comb” even though it’s drone comb because, as far as I know, there’s no difference between the two. Both drone comb and honey comb have large cells, and drone comb is supposedly backfilled with honey once the drones emerge, anyway, so they’re virtually the same.

2 thoughts on “Architecture of Honey Comb

  1. How do you identify that it’s drone comb, vs. other types? I’m told drone comb has bigger cells… is it just a matter, then, of experience, knowing how big normal comb cells are?

    • You got it. I can tell it’s drone comb because the cells are large. At first I thought it was honey comb, but then I noticed the eggs in the cells. Worker cells are much smaller.

      I have a pulled frame of worker comb too. I’ll post a photo or video soon with it next to the drone comb for comparison.

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