Bad Beekeeping in November (2017)

Here’s a 23-minute collection of more behind-the-scenes cell phone shots, this time from November 2017 when I was still temporarily working with a single hive. It’s a good example of what not to do (though I’ve done worse). I’ll list the highlights after the video as soon as I have a chance to watch it all again.

04:08 — My phone takes a tumble while I’m trying to record a slomo shot.
07:00 — A quiet moment with bees crawling around some comb.
07:26 — Two bees fighting to pull a dead drone out of the hive.
08:00 — Melting and then bottling 30 pounds of solid crystallised honey.
15:00 — A photo that illustrates how easily a shrew can squeeze through half-inch mesh (or probably 3/8-inch mouse guards).
15:10 — Cold honey bees coming back to life in a warm room.
18:40 — Picking up a small ball of bees with (sort of) my bare hand.
22:25 — The bees drinking from a clay dish full of twigs and dirt.
22:58 — I like this very last shot the most.

Check out my Month of November category for a sense of things that might happen for backyard beekeepers on the east coast of the island of Newfoundland in the month of November.

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