Beekeeping in April (on the Isle of Newfoundland)

New beekeepers on the island of Newfoundland who don’t know what to expect from the month of April might find something helpful in my Month of April posts. The benign little label collects everything I’ve taken track of in the month of April since 2010, everything from bees eating chicken feed to installing a jar feeder and reversing the brood chamber, all kinds of fun stuff.


It takes patience to be a beekeeper in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, especially during February and March when many beekeepers in the rest of the North America have been watching their hives explode with life for weeks, if not months already. Meanwhile in Newfoundland, honey bees can barely break cluster until the middle of April and dandelions don’t even show up until May.

At least Newfoundland doesn’t have Varroa mites. That’s something.