Beekeeping on Facebook

I often post items to my beekeeping Facebook page that I don’t post here on my blog, which is generally reserved for content I create myself. For the stuff I had nothing to do with but still piques my beekeeping interests, the Mud Songs Beekeeping Facebook page is the place.  For instance, here’s my latest Facebook post that talks about how pollen patties can help maintain the brood nest when the weather turns to junk:


I didn’t create that video, but I would if I could. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:  Ian Steppler’s beekeeping videos out of Manitoba are exactly the kind of videos I would post if I was a commercial beekeeper. I’ll likely never have the money or the land to keep bees on a commercial level, but if I ever thought about hitting the big time, I’d be all over his videos. Even as a backyard beekeeper, I’ve learned quite a lot from him.

Yesterday I commented on a video that shows how consumption of pollen patties, or lack thereof, can be an indicator of the amount of brood-rearing that’s happening in the hive:


I follow a lot of beekeeping channels on YouTube. There’s all kind of good stuff out there. Eventually what I learn, or am reminded about, through those videos seeps into the content I create for this blog, but initial discussions (with myself usually) often show up on my beekeeping Facebook channel.

A few words about my social media presence: I prefer blogs over social media. Older, but still relevant, information on blogs is much easier to access than information on Facebook. Information on Facebook, like most social platforms, is usually forgotten about within a few days. While social media is great for quick pieces of info and community connection, when I want to deep dive into something, I don’t go to Facebook. I read blogs or well-researched websites (when I’m not reading a book).

I also post about beekeeping on Twitter and Instagram, though I post as much goofy personal things on Instagram as do about beekeeping. I mostly use Instagram to stay in touch with people I used to work with in film. I have no time for the multitude of other social media platforms that are constantly going in and out of style. I have a personal Facebook account that I use for interacting with people that I know well enough to have actually met in person. I don’t accept friend requests on that account from people I’ve never met. I don’t post about beekeeping on that account either. For anyone who wants to be my Facebook friend, my Mud Songs Beekeeping Facebook page is the way to go. Happy internetting!