Bees in the Dark

These photos don’t have anything to do with anything.

That’s the inside of one our hives at around 8pm today. (Yeah, it was dark outside and I don’t want to talk about it.) The flash light is shining through one of the screened holes in the ventilator rim. The snapshot camera is jammed in one of the holes on the opposite side. The light is shining off the solid inner cover. Pieces of cleaned up comb wax are out of focus in the foreground. On the right is an inverted jar feeder resting on a few pieces of wood about an inch over the inner cover. The photo would have been so cool if a bee had been walking on the inner cover in the middle of the light — and casting a shadow towards the camera like The Untouchables.

See the Bees in the Dark photo album to view my other attempts at photographing the inside of the hives at night. It didn’t work out, but I’ll keep trying until I get something that looks good. I’ll update this post whenever that happens.