Beeyard Update – August 2016

Here’s an uncut 15-minute video update of where I am with my beekeeping as of today. Not much to see. Mostly just me talking and pointing at things.

A summary for anyone who can’t be bothered: I now have nine honey bee colonies living in Langstroth hives and two nucs with old queens puttering away in the corner. I spent this summer building up my colonies after all but two of them were more or less destroyed by shrews two winters ago. It wasn’t easy. My beekeeping has been a long arduous journey since my third summer of beekeeping when I was forced to move my hives because of unfriendly neighbours, which eventually led me to sell my house in the city so I could buy another house in a semi-rural neighbourhood last year, where I now have a small but private piece of land where I hope to keep my bees in peace for years to come.

P.S.: For anyone who watched the video, yup, there’s a typo at the end of it (mudsongs.orgs when it should be with no S on the end), but it’s too much trouble fix it.

3 thoughts on “Beeyard Update – August 2016

  1. Hey Phillip, Great comeback after the shrew attack! We really enjoy your videos, sense of humour and passion for beekeeping. Cheers, Paul and Brenda

  2. It didn’t take long for this situation to change. Two of the colonies in this video are already kaput, though I suspected as much at the time. Two requeenings that didn’t go well. But that’s another story.

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