Black & White Beekeeping

I tested the monochrome setting in my camera. This video is the result.

00:00 — Slow motion shots or orientation flights.
00:43 — Feeding bees old honey by buttering up an old frame of drawn comb with honey.
01:35 — Visit into the beeyard, talking about each hive, big ones and small ones.
02:00 — One of my largest hives, crowding bottom entrance along with the entrance holes in every super.
02:40 — Heavy duty orientation flights after 3 days of freezing weather.
03:15 — Talk about making sure the queen doesn’t get honey bound, and more talk about orientation flights.
05:25 — Sliding the top off the hive open to give the bees relief from the heat.
06:15 — Some bees use the bottom entrance, some don’t, and I don’t know why.
08:50 — Testing out a pollen trap.
09:15 — Discussion of a possible dearth.
10:20 — Three mating nucs with queen cells.
10:34 — Not sure why some colonies are making bees but not honey.
12:34 — A quick word on queenless colonies full of mean bees.
12:52 — My dog, Ray.

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