Bottom Entrance Shelters For Beekeepers on a Budget

In this 4-minute video, I check in on my cotton hive pillows; I drop a big brick of sugar and some protein into a hive; I check in on my silver bubble wrapped hives; and I invent a cheap and easy bottom entrance shelter for beekeepers on a budget, just like I did with my yogurt container upper entrance shelters that seem to be all the rage now.

And again for the truly dedicated, there’s an extended 18-minute cut at the end that dives into all of that and more in greater detail.

Bottom entrance shelter made from hive wrap. (Jan. 16, 2022, Newfoundland.)

P.S.: A 5-minute unbroken shot of the winter bees was cut from this video but was posted separately in my previous Winter Bees post for anyone who likes to stare at bees for a long time like I do.

January 18th, 2022: I made some more of the bottom entrance shelters for the hives in my secret location. This time I used the last flap of the silver bubble hive wrap, but I also used a piece of black roofing felt that I used to use for hive wraps. We’ll see what happens.

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