Break on Through to The Other Side

It might not look like much, but with the melting snow exposing my dead lawn comes the crocuses, the first hit of pollen my bees will get to taste this year — as long as the plants don’t get covered with snow before they bloom.

Crocuses breaking on through. (March 21st, 2021.)

Not quite spring yet, but we’re getting there.

Crocuses on the first day of “spring.” (March 21st, 2021.)

Today may be the first official day of spring, but that doesn’t count until my bees are bringing in natural pollen, which is likely another month from now.

It’s always good to keep in mind that seasons in Newfoundland are usually at least a month behind everyone else.

A couple days later:

3 thoughts on “Break on Through to The Other Side

  1. Hey Phillip,

    Happy spring! It was a glorious 15 deg day in Grand Lake, NS and the bees were frolicking around like it was mid-June. There’s nothing better as a beekeeper than that first day when the masses emerge and the air is alive with that 60hz humm. They’re calling for a few more days of weather in the teens, so it’ll give the girls a good chance to get out for some fresh air, stretch their wings and have a poop! It’ll give me a chance to get out too, to enjoy the sunshine and watch them do their thing.


  2. It’s not quite that warm here, but it’s hovering around 10, which is warm enough. Right now my bees are flying all over my lawn drinking up the melt water and nutrients for making baby bees. We have at least big snow storm coming our way before the end of April (yup, April, not March), but it usually melts away quickly.

  3. Oh yes, Mother Nature isn’t done with us yet either but I’ll take em’ when we get em’ !

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