Calm Talk in the Beeyard

Today is my three thousand, nine hundred and forty-sixth day of beekeeping on the island of Newfoundland. And in honour of this momentous occasion, I’m taking a break from the internet and any news with the word “Covid” in it. After this break, I might post something once a week on Wednesdays. We’ll see.

Colts Foot finally blooming in Flatrock. (May 1st, 2021.)

The weather so far this spring in my corner of the island has been less than ideal for beekeeping. There were signs of hope with the appearance of Colts Foot about a week ago, and yesterday I spotted what looks like willow blossoms. But the weather forecast has turned to blah again. Fog and rain and cold temperatures. No sun.

Willow blossoms in Flatrock. (May 6th, 2021.)

It’s great to see these blossoms, but it’s not much good if it’s too cold for my bees to fly. So I’m loading up my hives with feeders until the sun shows itself again, just to be safe. Until the weather allows me to do some actual beekeeping, there’s really not much to see here. I’ll be back when the sun says hello again. Cheers.

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