Beekeeping Associations Aren’t For Everyone

February 2019 Introduction: I’ve deleted the original post that used to be here. In that post from 2011, I spoke about how I wished there was a beekeeping association in Newfoundland. I just wanted to get together with other beekeepers so we could share our experiences and learn from each other, which I think should be the primary focus and foundation of any beekeeping group. But that’s not exactly what I found in the Newfoundland and Labrador Beekeeping Association, at least during the year I was a member in 2016. It wasn’t a good fit for me. While I acknowledge that some good work can happen through the association, I just can’t bring myself to be a part of it at this time. It’s better for me to stay focused on what I do well, which is to share my experience of beekeeping in a casual manner so that others might learn from all the mistakes I make. My life is much simpler that way.

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