Chansons de Boue à la Social Media

September 2022:

This old blog is has peacefully run its course, but beekeeping photos and videos are still posted to some social media platforms. Here are the latest videos posted to the Mud Songs YouTube channel:

Then there’s the Mud Songs Twitter feed along with more detailed posts at Instagram, Facebook and Mastodon.

Weird typos are also showing up all over this blog now thanks to some coding glitch that converted certain characters such at the degree sign (°) to things like ð and œ and and other symbols from outer space — and you can’t pay me enough to fix them all. I’m not interested in the technical shenanigans of maintaining a blog anymore.

Slàinte Mhaith

Now that the scorching dry dearth-inducing summer in my little corner of Newfoundland with record-breaking high temperatures has come to a close, beekeeping videos might show up on my beekeeping YouTube channel again, but this is the last time I’ll post anything to Mud Songs, the most aptly-named beekeeping blog that ever was. I’ve got other irons in the fire that will likely sneak up and say hello at the URL in time, and my latest videos will always show up in the following playlist, but maintaining this blog doesn’t cut it for me anymore.

It’s been a good blog, one that began in 2007 or so as a gardening blog to share veggie tales with my family and friends, which then switched to an all-beekeeping blog in 2010, which then became popular enough to garner 5 million views for one of my videos, and then it dropped down to about 200 daily visitors after I had to step away from beekeeping for about a year. I’ve pecked away at it since then whenever I had time to kill at work, and I’ll continue to post pics and video clips on my social media feeds — Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. But things have peacefully run their course here and it seems like it’s time to pull the plug on this old blog, at least in its current form.

This photo shows me tending to my bees in my tiny backyard near downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland, where I first kept bees.

My first couple years of beekeeping in that small space with only two hives, and then another two the next year, may have been the best years of my beekeeping when I had the most fun, when every little thing was a discovery.

In 2022, I went back down to 4 hives (up to 6 now because, you know, it happens) and I love it. I’m getting more from less. I lost sight of the wisdom of simplicity. So that’s it.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Buvay Zdorov

I have plans this summer that don’t involve posting edited beekeeping videos. A full-time job and other interests take precedence this time. Things repeat themselves anyway. Making splits, installing queens, extracting honey, etc. — just look at what I posted last summer or the summer before, back to 2010. Not much really changes. I will, however, continue to post pics and video clips on my social media feeds — Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I hope you have a calm summer. Don’t take anything too seriously. Adios.

See You Next Year

Dear Readers (all five of you — Hi Mom!):

I don’t see myself posting much of anything over the next few weeks. But here’s a playlist of personal favourite videos from my archives. Many of the videos are simply attractive shots that could appear anywhere, not just on a beekeeping blog. Slow and calm and pretty. Put it in full-screen mode and let ‘er rip.

I will still post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from time to time, but I also hope to unplug, so maybe not.

Take care and see you next year,


Backyard Beekeeping in Newfoundland

I’m on the internet!


As far as I know, I’m the only person on planet earth who thoroughly documents what it takes get into backyard beekeeping on the island of Newfoundland. My Guide to Beekeeping might be a good place to start for absolute beginners.

Copyright Violation

Introduction: I’ve had my beekeeping photos and videos used online without my permission on several occasions, and every time I’ve either had the websites or YouTube channels shut down for copyright violation, or I’ve compelled them to cease and desist. The latest incident was from a clickbait company called Cheddar Gadgets. I would have said yes if I’d been asked first, but I wasn’t. If anyone happens to notice any of my photos or videos used on another website or publication, I might be able to send you some honey as thanks. And if anyone wants to use any of the content I’ve created, just ask me. Chances are I’ll say yes.

July 24th, 2019: One of my videos was recently re-edited, re-packaged and posted on the Cheddar Gadgets Facebook channel without my permission. That’s a copyright violation. Whoever owns Cheddar Gadgets is now profiting from content I created. I have yet to earn a dime from any of my videos. While I think they did a fine job on the edit, it was done without my consent, without my approval, without any consultations with me whatsoever. That’s not cool. It’s what some people refer to as theft. I’m taking action to have the video taken down.

Cheddar Gadgets re-edit of my video posted without my consent.

July 26th, 2019: It appears that the unauthorised video stolen from me by Cheddar Gadgets has been taken down. The system works. The ultimate justice would be for me to get paid for the revenue my stolen video generated for Cheddar Gadgets (probably enough to order some pizza for my friends), but this is probably as good as it gets on the internet. Thank you to everyone who left comments on the Cheddar Gadgets Facebook channel. Facebook’s response:

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have removed or disabled access to the content that you have reported for violating the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. We understand that this action will resolve your intellectual property issue.

June 12th, 2020: After doing another search, I discovered that Cheddar Gadgets still had the video posted on their YouTube channel all this time and was making money from it. (I dealt with it.) They took the video down from Facebook after receiving a copyright violation letter, but they left it up on YouTube. Capitalism can make people do funny things, eh?

Mud Songs Beekeeping – Q & A

I was semi-profiled by The Gazette at Memorial University in December 2018 (I work with a film & video production crew at the university). It could be a collector’s item some day because it’s one of the rare instances where I gave someone permission to publish a photo of me. I was asked some general questions about beekeeping and I gave some general answers. The Gazette didn’t have room to published the full Q&A, but I do, so here it is:

Why did you begin beekeeping?

I stumbled onto a gardening blog written by a guy who kept a few beehives on the roof of his apartment in Chicago and I thought if he can keep bees in a cold, windy place like Chicago, then I should be able to do it my tiny backyard in St. John’s. The more I looked into it, the more fascinated I became with honey bees. That was almost ten years ago and I’m just as fascinated today as I was back then.

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Beeyard Update – August 2016

Here’s an uncut 15-minute video update of where I am with my beekeeping as of today. Not much to see. Mostly just me talking and pointing at things.

A summary for anyone who can’t be bothered: I now have nine honey bee colonies living in Langstroth hives and two nucs with old queens puttering away in the corner. I spent this summer building up my colonies after all but two of them were more or less destroyed by shrews two winters ago. It wasn’t easy. My beekeeping has been a long arduous journey since my third summer of beekeeping when I was forced to move my hives because of unfriendly neighbours, which eventually led me to sell my house in the city so I could buy another house in a semi-rural neighbourhood last year, where I now have a small but private piece of land where I hope to keep my bees in peace for years to come.

P.S.: For anyone who watched the video, yup, there’s a typo at the end of it (mudsongs.orgs when it should be with no S on the end), but it’s too much trouble fix it.

I Sold My Soul To The Devil

Mud Songs is not only a non-profit web site. It’s a going-in-the-hole web site. I’ve spent a fair bit of money over the years to keep it online. Let’s forget about the hundreds of hours of unpaid work I’ve put into writing and making videos and taking photos to create content for it. I do this for fun, not money. But now I need money to keep it going. Not a lot of money, but enough so that I can afford a better server, one that isn’t as slow as slush like my current server is half the time. I may even need money from time to time to pay people to do some computery things behind the scenes for me, people who know how to keep the engine humming, so to speak. Shelling out that cash from my own pocket just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’m a poor working slob with a full-time job that’s not about to make me rich any time soon. And I’m not to going ask for money. Putting ads on this blog doesn’t make much sense either. I don’t think anyone reads the actual blog anymore. But splashing a few ads through my YouTube videos could bring in a few dollars. Maybe.

So as of today, most of the beekeeping videos that appear on the Mud Songs YouTube channel will contain advertisements of some kind. I’m testing the waters here to see how it goes. If you see an ad that you don’t like, or you just don’t like the ads at all, tell me and I’ll do something about it. I have no problem turning the ads off completely if they’re annoying.

I’m personally annoyed by most advertisements online, but I rarely see them because I use an ad blocker. That’s why I’m not so concerned about putting ads in my videos. People who don’t like ads probably use an ad blocker already, so it won’t be an issue for them. And I assume people who don’t use ad blockers see the ads as just a part of doing business online. They’re used to it.

I’ve also had a few people tell me advertisements are already running along with my videos in subtle ways through YouTube’s main website. Which means Google (the owner of YouTube) is making money off my videos and I’m not. I don’t see anything wrong with me wanting a piece of that pie. Why not? They’re my videos after all.

Anyway, I sold my soul to Google so I can afford a better server and make some improvements to Mud Songs. I might not make a dime off the video advertisements. If that’s the case, I’ll have to think of something else. But for now, let me know if you have any problems with them. Thanks.

January 28th, 2016: Hold on to your hats because this is amazing. I’ve earned $39.53 from my YouTube videos since November 2015. Clap. Clap. Clap.

January 3rd, 2021: I don’t put advertisements on my videos anymore. I can’t remember when I stopped, but it was a while ago. The videos with advertisements seemed to bring in more viewers, but the vast majority weren’t really interested in beekeeping, so I pulled the plug on the ads. I have 15,000 subscribers but I’d say about three or four hundred actually watch my videos.