Behind the Scenes Beekeeping: January 2017

Here’s a bunch of clips from my cell phone with me wondering out loud what’s going on with bees, something I do pretty much every day (it’s 23 minutes long):

I’ve more or less given up on trying to get together with other beekeepers in Newfoundland. Check out this map to get a sense of how big the island really is (it’s probably bigger than you think). About half a million people live on the island, maybe a hundred or so are beekeepers, and they’re all so spread out, getting together with them to talk shop quickly becomes an expensive proposition, in both time and money.

So I end up talking to myself — on my cell phone. I use my cell phone to take notes when I’m messing around with my bees. It might not be the most practical way of keeping records, but it’s what I do. These video clips (and pics) usually sit around and collect dust. They come in handy, though, when I need to recall what I did last winter that screwed up my bees so much (as an example).

These Cell Phone Chronicles, as I’m calling them, are probably not for the casual viewer flicking through Facebook. They’re for people willing to sit down for a long stretch and basically listen to someone talk about their bees while pointing a cell phone camera at some beehives. It’s low tech and boring. I watch a lot of beekeeping videos and I tend to watch the low tech boring ones the most. I learn a lot from them. Maybe one or two people reading this will too.

I can’t promise anything too thrilling in these cell phone videos, though I will promise to never ever post any of them in portrait mode.

This post was uploaded in October 2019, though it’s dated for January 2017.

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