Chocolate Covered Honey Bombsâ„¢

Or as we say in French, Bombes au Chocolat de Miel.

I made some chocolate covered honey comb loosely based on an idea or recipe I stole from page 157 of the American Bee Journal, the February 2020 edition, and boy oh boy was it delicious.

A bite-sized piece of comb honey dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with milk chocolate.

I made some with milk chocolate too, but the dark chocolate ones were the best. The milk chocolate ones were a little too sweet. It all just blended together, whereas the dark chocolate made the comb honey flavour, along with the smooth velvety feel of the beeswax, jump up and say, “Wow!”

By the way, this simple method of dipping comb honey in chocolate should work well with anything. Whatever the kids can think of dunking into chocolate, go for it. (So said the person who has only done this once.)

The honey combs revealed after biting into the chocolate.

Here’s a photo of the article I got the idea from:

Article by Rusty Burlew from the American Bee Journal (February 2020).

It breaks down like this…

I took some comb honey and chopped it up into bite-sized bits:

I picked up two giant chocolate bars (500mg each), one milk chocolate and other dark chocolate (70% cacao mass) and melted them separately in a jury-rigged double boiler:

Melting chocolate over a pot of boiling water.

Apparently you can temper the chocolate with beeswax or food-grade paraffin to give it a shine and prevent the chocolate from melting all over your fingers. But what’s the fun in that?… Then, with my trusty old fork, I dipped the pieces of comb honey into the chocolate.

Dipping comb honey into melted dark chocolate.

Then I let them all harden in my fridge for a while:

I let a few pieces harden on my bread rack, but that allowed so much of the chocolate to drip off, the bottom of the comb honey was exposed instead of being completely encased by chocolate… And then I ate it:

Heavy duty sugar rush about to kick in.

I enjoyed all of it, but the best pieces according to my taste buds were the smaller ones covered with dark chocolate. I ended up with a few waxy bits after eating some of the massive pieces. The article by Rusty Burlew suggests adding a pecan to the top of each piece so that the wax — which is completely edible and delicious — goes down with the crunchy bits of the nuts. I’ll do that next summer as soon as I can steal more honey comb from my bees. Here’s the full video:

As simple and delicious as this is, it’s funny that no one seems to have bothered with it before. I found a recipe for Honeycomb Filled Easter Chocolates and a bunch of recipes for some awful stuff that isn’t honey or comb but is still called chocolate-dipped honeycomb; it’s more like a Crunchie bar than anything resembling honey. Who in their right mind would eat a Crunchie bar? What I’ve shown you here is the real deal. Enjoy.

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