Colour Blind Beekeeping Tip #1

If you’re a colour blind beekeeper who keeps dropping your hive tools in the grass, here’s a little trick that should help you spot said hive tool in the grass: YELLOW DUCT TAPE.



I should have taken a photo of one of the hive tools in the grass so people who are colour blind can see how well the yellow stands out, but you get the idea. Blue isn’t bad either, but yellow creates an excellent contrast.

Another pro tip: When I’m done for the day, I just leave my hive tool on top of a hive. That way I always know where I left it, though dropping it on the ground and even inside a hive is not unheard for me. I’m pretty goofy with my hive tools.

One thought on “Colour Blind Beekeeping Tip #1

  1. Colourblind beekeeping tip #2
    Don’t bother with the red and green queen marking colours (years ends 3/8, 4/9 respectively) as you can’t tell them apart. Don’t bother with yellow (2/7) as it looks too much like pollen. Stick with white or blue … no-one who has ever had queens from me has ever complained.

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