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Any message sent to me that begins with “Would you like to reach brand-new customers?” will be marked as SPAM. This is a not-for-profit website. Don’t waste your time trying to sell that stuff to me.

A few media-related things…

I’m friendly and can provide a fairly informed opinion about honey bees and backyard beekeeping in Newfoundland, but I greatly value my privacy and the privacy of my family and friends, so I tend to avoid being on camera whenever I can.

I own most of the videos and photos posted to this website. I’m usually more than happy to share them with publications or websites that extend the courtesy of asking me first.

I happen to keep honey bees on the island of Newfoundland, but I am not a member nor a spokesperson for the Newfoundland & Labrador Beekeeping Association.

My name is Phillip Cairns. That’s Phillip with two Ls and Cairns is pronounced like we’re all going to Karen’s place for a cup of tea.

While I’m on the topic of names that are constantly mispronounced, Newfoundland rhymes with Understand. Yup, you’ve been saying it wrong your whole life.